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Winter Care for Cats

December 1, 2018

Winter is coming quick! Although your feline buddy has a fur coat on, she’ll still feel the effects of the cold weather. Read on as a local Brampton, ON vet offers some tips on keeping Fluffy happy, healthy, and purring until spring.


It’s no secret that our feline pals are very tired. But did you know that they sleep even more than usual in dreary weather? Make sure your furry pal has plenty of warm, comfy napping spots. Fluffy may also appreciate a thermal blanket or a heated pet bed. Wash her bedding regularly to keep it fresh. If your cat starts ignoring her bed, try putting it in a different spot.


We always recommend that cats live indoors. Winter is an especially dangerous time for them, however. Kitties can easily get trapped in heavy snow. They can also get frostbitten, especially on their ears and the tips of their tails. Antifreeze is another concern: it’s extremely poisonous to pets! Keep your kitty safe and sound indoors. If you do let your furry buddy go outdoors, make sure she has an emergency shelter. This can be a tote with a hole cut in one side and some soft towels, blankets, or newspapers for warmth.

Veterinary Care

Keeping up with Fluffy’s veterinary care needs is very important. Winter does bring some specific concerns. As the weather cools, fleas and ticks will seek out warm places, and may infest your pet’s coat or bedding. Stay on top of your furball’s parasite control regime. Older kitties also tend to get stiff and sore in winter. Senior cats may benefit from supplements and/or pain management treatments. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Kitties can get the winter blues, just like people. Keep your feline friend active and entertained by playing with her regularly. This will be great for your cat, both mentally and physically! You can also offer Fluffy cardboard boxes to hide in, or make little newspaper tunnels for her.


Cats are always happiest when they feel loved. Spend quality time with your furry little friend every day. On those cold winter nights, it’s always great to curl up with a purring kitty, a hot cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa, and a great book or movie.

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