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Five gray kitties inside a wooden brown basket

Spoil Fluffy on National Cat Day

Cat Day is coming up on August 8th. Our feline overlords definitely deserve to be celebrated! Kitties have a special way of bringing love and light into our homes, and brighten our days with their snuggles, purrs, and curious antics. …
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Dark gray cat laying on a soft bed on its back and arms stretched

Signs Your Cat is Happy

Kitties are quite unique and interesting little furballs. Fluffy may be cute, lovable and cuddly, but she’s also a tiny serial killer. Our feline pals are also known for going from affection to violence at very high speeds, and without …
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Brown puppy on top of a blue water tank

Puppy Proofing

Has a puppy just joined your household? Good for you! Having a puppy is definitely lots of fun, but it also entails quite a bit of work. Training and socialization are both crucial parts of puppy parenting. Another thing that …
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Brown adult dog running on a shoreline biting on a stick

Swimming Safety For Dogs

Do you enjoy swimming? Many of our canine companions love to splash and swim. Others? Not so much. Regardless of whether your pooch acts like a furry, four-legged duck near water, or is a bit more hesitant, you’ll need to …
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Young girl in yellow long sleeves hugs a gray cat

Hug Your Cat Day

Cat lovers, take heed: June 4th is Hug Your Cat Day! Of course, we think that kitties deserve to be hugged every day. You definitely don’t need a reason to hug your cat. However, if you did, you’ll find a …
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Striped gray cat with ears up beside a purple flower

Creating A Catio

Our feline pals are very, very good at getting us to spoil them. Fluffy figured out how to get us to give her toys and tuna years ago. She’s now moved on to scoring herself catios! These are a safe …
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