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Senior Kitty Dementia

May 1, 2021

Is your feline friend in her golden years? Fluffy somehow manages to get even cuter as she grows older. Kitties actually experience many of the same changes as people do as they age. And, just like people, sometimes they go through a decline in cognitive abilities. In this article, a local Brampton, ON veterinarian discusses dementia in cats.

Signs Of Dementia

The signs of feline dementia can vary from cat to cat. However, there are a few things for you to look for. You may notice changes in your furball’s sleep patterns and/or daily kitty routine. Fluffy may meow more, less, or differently than she used to, and she may have some litterbox mishaps. She may also seem confused, grumpy, and/or scared. Contact your vet if you notice any of these changes.

Senior Moments

Like people, older cats sometimes get forgetful. Fluffy may forget where the litterbox is, get lost in the hall, or seem ‘stuck’ in a corner. When these things happen, your furry pal may meow her distress. Keep an eye on your feline buddy, and try to calm her when she seems upset. Pet her, talk to her, and cuddle her if she wants to be held.

Helping Fluffy Cope

Taking Fluffy to the vet regularly is very important. There are also things you can do for her at home. Keeping your pet on a set schedule will help. Pets often thrive on routine! Regular play sessions can also be beneficial. Use a toy you control, like a laser pointer. Cats need to concentrate to time those pounces. This is sort of like the kitty version of doing a crossword puzzle! Fluffy might tap out after a few halfhearted pounces, but it will still be good for her. Playing isn’t the only way to offer Fluffy mental stimulation. Most furballs enjoy watching birds and squirrels from a comfy window seat. This is great entertainment for kitties! Your feline pal may also enjoy the background noise of a TV or radio, especially when she’s home alone.


Try to focus on keeping Fluffy comfy and purring. Cuddles, ear scritches, and conversation will all help make her feel safe and loved. Finally, just enjoy this special time with your kitty. Purrs from older cats are truly precious!

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