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Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Kids and Pets

April 15, 2021

Earth Day is coming up April 30th! We live on a beautiful planet, which we share with millions of different animals. This is a great time to raise awareness about how best to protect and care for not only the environment, but also both domestic and wild animals. A Brampton, ON vet offers some advice on celebrating this special day with both your kids and the family pet below.

Go For A Walk

What better way to celebrate our beautiful planet than by exploring it a bit? Head off to a pretty park, and bring Fido along with you. The fresh air, sunshine, and exercise will do all of you some good. This can also make for a great photo opportunity. Fluffy should stay indoors, but she may appreciate a fun play session.

Arts And Crafts

Arts and crafts are wonderful ways for kids to express themselves. Have your young ones draw some photos of the earth and/or their favorite animals. Stories and poems will work, too!


One thing that is often brought up around Earth Day is the topic of limiting waste. That goes hand in hand with reducing clutter. This also goes for Fido and Fluffy! Donate that expensive cat tower Fluffy ignores, or that empty hamster cage that’s sitting in the garage. The kids can also help with some pet-supervised cleaning or gardening.

DIY Time

Earth Day is often a time to raise awareness about things like pollution and sustainability. That old adage about ‘reduce, recycle and reuse’ can definitely apply to pets! Upcycle an old tee shirt into a rope toy for Fido, or turn a stepladder into a cat tower for Fluffy. You’ll find more ideas and instructions online.

Virtual Visits

One of the few bright notes of the coronavirus pandemic is that there are now many more opportunities to visit places virtually. Take the kids on a fun ‘zoom’ trip somewhere!


At the end of the day, settle in with some great movies or documentaries about our animal companions. There’s certainly no shortage of great ones to choose from! Many of these are just as fun and entertaining for grownups as they are for little ones. Older kids may enjoy a good documentary.

Our Advice on Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Kids and Pets in 2024

How can families involve their pets in Earth Day-themed activities?

Families can involve their pets in Earth Day-themed activities by taking them on nature walks in local parks, where everyone can enjoy the fresh air and scenery. Create DIY toys for pets using upcycled materials, like turning old T-shirts into rope toys for dogs or making cat towers from repurposed furniture. Engage in eco-friendly pet care by cleaning up pet-related clutter and donating unused items. Finally, spend time together watching nature documentaries or movies about animals, helping to educate kids about environmental conservation and the importance of protecting our planet.

What are some age-appropriate ways to educate children about the impact of pet ownership on the environment?

Educating children about the environmental impact of pet ownership can be both fun and informative. Teach them about the importance of recycling pet waste by using biodegradable bags and proper disposal methods. Involve them in creating DIY pet toys from upcycled materials, demonstrating how to reduce waste. Explain the benefits of adopting pets from shelters, highlighting the positive environmental impact. Encourage responsible pet care practices, such as conserving water during bath time and using eco-friendly pet products. Use age-appropriate books and documentaries to reinforce these lessons and inspire environmental stewardship.

What are some sustainable or eco-friendly alternatives to traditional pet toys and accessories?

Sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional pet toys and accessories include items made from recycled or natural materials. Opt for toys made from organic cotton, hemp, or bamboo, which are biodegradable and non-toxic. Upcycled materials, like old T-shirts turned into rope toys or repurposed household items for play, are great choices. Choose pet beds and collars made from recycled fabrics or eco-friendly fibers. Additionally, consider using biodegradable waste bags and natural grooming products to reduce environmental impact. Supporting brands that prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly practices can also make a significant difference.

How can families create a more environmentally-friendly pet care routine?

Families can create a more environmentally-friendly pet care routine by incorporating several sustainable practices. Use biodegradable waste bags and dispose of pet waste properly to reduce landfill impact. Opt for eco-friendly pet products, such as organic shampoos and natural grooming supplies. Feed pets high-quality, sustainably-sourced food, and consider homemade treats using organic ingredients. Reduce plastic use by choosing toys and accessories made from recycled or natural materials. Save water by using efficient bathing methods and maintaining a regular grooming schedule to minimize the need for frequent baths. Finally, support local shelters and adopt pets to reduce overpopulation and resource strain.

Are there any virtual Earth Day events or activities that families can participate in with their pets?

Yes, families can participate in various virtual Earth Day events and activities with their pets. Virtual nature walks or hikes streamed live allow families to explore the outdoors together from home. Online workshops and webinars on topics like sustainable pet care, eco-friendly DIY pet toys, and environmental conservation are also engaging. Virtual pet parades or costume contests can add a fun element to Earth Day celebrations. Many organizations host virtual educational sessions that focus on wildlife conservation, which can be both informative and entertaining for families and their pets.

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