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Preparing Your Pet For Fall

September 15, 2021

Another summer has sped by. Fall officially starts next week! Whether you love that crisp, cool air or are already looking forward to spring, it’s time to start making some preparations. A Brampton, ON vet offers some tips on helping your furry buddy get ready for fall in this article.


It’s going to start getting dark quite early. If you won’t be home before the sun goes down, leave a light on for your fuzzy friend. No one wants to be left alone in a dark, quiet house!


If your canine buddy has thin fur, he’ll probably need some extra protection from the cold. Go through Fido’s jackets and sweaters, and make sure everything still fits.


The snow and ice will be here before we know it. De-icing chemicals can be quite dangerous for pets! They can not only do a number on Fido and Fluffy’s feet, they can also be toxic. Stock up on pet-safe de-icing products.


Give your canine pal a good bath before the weather gets cold. If you have Fido’s fur trimmed in winter, this is the time to start letting his fur grow in.


As it gets cool, your four-legged friend will likely spend more time snuggled up in their bed. (We can’t blame them for that.) Make sure that your pet has a comfy bed, and that it’s in a warm spot. Fido and Fluffy may also appreciate a thermal blanket.


When it gets cold, both people and pets spend more calories than usual just trying to stay warm. If your animal companion spends a lot of time outdoors, is thin, has very thin fur, has just had babies, and/or is highly active, they may need bigger portions in winter. Pets with arthritis may also get stiff and sore at this time of year, and may benefit from supplements, medicine, or other treatments. Ask your vet for recommendations.


Fall comes with its own set of hazards, as does every other season. Chemicals, such as antifreeze and fertilizers, are a big one. You’ll also need to be careful with Halloween candy and decorations; candles; and fireplaces.


Chilly autumn days are perfect for relaxing with your furry friend and a good book or movie. It’s also perfect dog-walking weather. Enjoy this beautiful time of year!

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