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Holiday Gifts For Fluffy

December 15, 2021

Season’s Greetings! This can be a pretty busy time of year for many people, with all of the seasonal festivities and events to prepare for. It can be daunting trying to pick out the perfect gifts for all of your loved ones! Your feline pal will of course want to supervise—and perhaps lend a helping paw—with your preparations, especially decorating and wrapping gifts. Don’t forget to put a few things in Fluffy’s stocking! A local Brampton, ON vet lists some options below.


Baby cats are basically tiny, adorable bundles of mischief. Little Fluffy’s wish list would likely consist of toys, toys, and more toys. While picking out your furry friend’s playthings isn’t exactly rocket science, there are some things to consider. If your pet is less than six months old, you can probably skip the catnip, as kitties that young usually aren’t affected by it. We also recommend getting your furry pal a variety of playthings. (Safety note: be sure to keep wand toys stored away when you aren’t there, as your furball could get tangled up if she tries to use them by herself.)

Adult Cats

Fluffy will still enjoy and benefit from playing as she grows older. Toys are great gifts for adult kitties! If your furball likes catnip, you can also get her some live plants to nibble on. Treats are also good options. It may take your feline friend a little while to figure out what she likes, so a bit of experimentation may be in order. Other good options include beds, pet furniture, window seats, more toys, more catnip, and more pet furniture.


With older cats, comfort is the biggest consideration. Soft beds make great gifts for senior pets! (It doesn’t matter if Fluffy already has one: it’s good to have choices!) You can also get your feline buddy some pet ramps or stairs, or perhaps a litterbox that’s easy for her to get in and out of. Pet fountains are also a great pick.

Homeless Kitties

Don’t forget about the kitties that don’t have laps to curl up in or humans to buy them gifts. Consider making a donation to an animal shelter or society. After all, it is the season of giving!

All of us here at Dixie Road Pet Clinic, your Brampton, ON animal clinic, want to wish you a happy, healthy holiday. Contact us anytime!