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How To Help Homeless Animals This Holiday Season

December 1, 2021

Season’s Greetings! The holidays are a time for slowing down and reflecting, but they are also about giving and helping those in need. There are definitely many homeless pets out there that need assistance. A Brampton, ON vet lists some ways to help them below.

DIY Options

Shelters are always in need of things for their furry wards. There are many things you can make yourself, from beds to catnip mice to kitty tents. Of course, every shelter and charity has their own wish list and policies for donations, so be sure to check first.

Charity Event

Consider hosting a charity event, with proceeds going to a shelter or animal rescue of your choice. This can be anything from a yard sale to a charity auction to a bake sale. Many people are happy to donate goods or services to help animals in need.


Many animal shelters rely very much on donations and volunteers to care for their furry wards. Money is of course always helpful, but basics like pet food, beds, litter boxes, towels, toys, and other supplies are often also welcome.


Volunteering can be a great way to make a difference! Putting in some time to help care for homeless animals is very rewarding and fulfilling. It’s also something you may find you really feel great about doing. There are often many different types of work you can volunteer for, from feeding, walking, and playing with animals to helping with taking and posting photos.


If you want to go a step further, you may want to consider fostering. This of course isn’t for everyone: some people just find it too hard to say goodbye to pets they’ve grown attached to. That said, it can be a wonderful feeling to see an animal that you’ve been caring for going to a great forever home.

Spay Your Pets

Sometimes the things you do at home can have a bigger effect than you would expect. If your pets haven’t been fixed yet, talk to your vet about getting that appointment scheduled. With so many homeless animals out there, it can be hard to justify bringing more puppies and kittens into the world.

All of us here at Dixie Road Pet Clinic, your local Brampton, ON animal clinic, want to wish you a happy, healthy holiday season. Please contact us anytime.