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Gadgets for Your Cat

February 1, 2018

Our feline pals apparently have quite a few fans in the technology sector. Every year, more and more neat, high-tech gadgets for Fluffy hit the market. A vet lists a few choice ones below.

Automated Litterboxes

A self-cleaning litterbox can benefit both you and your cat. You get spared a good chunk of dirty work, while Fluffy can enjoy a powder room that is always clean.

Mechanical Laser Pointers

Does your pet absolutely love chasing that elusive red dot? A mechanical laser pointer could be a great gift for her!

Robotic Fish

Did you know that you can get Fluffy lifelike mechanical fish that ‘swim’ in water? If your kitty likes splashing in her water dish, she’ll definitely get a kick out of this!

Mimicking Toys

Do you have a chatty cat? Get Fluffy a stuffed toy that will record her voice and play it back to her.

Smart Toys

Did you know that you can now play with your cat remotely? Smart toys use cameras and smartphone apps to let you control a laser pointer for your pet to chase.


Fluffy may also enjoy watching programs about birds, squirrels, or fish. Then again, she may just yawn and curl up for a nap. With kitties, you just never know!

Robotic Mice

If you really want to pamper your cat, get her a robotic mouse. These smart toys react to your cat’s movements and vocalizations, defeating the bored kitty blues forever. Or at least for a while.


There are quite a few games and apps you can download for your furball to play on your phone or tablet. Who knows? Fluffy may really like ‘catching’ digital mice!

Treat Maze

A treat maze is basically a giant puzzle toy, which will make Fluffy work for her snack. You can set these toys to different challenge levels, and keep your furball both entertained and fed.

Digital Video Cameras

There are actually quite a few brands of camera you can clip to your kitty’s collar. Though, we should probably warn you: the footage Fluffy takes while she’s napping will probably be pretty dull.


The Shru smart toy can move on its own, and even has a little ‘mouse tail’ that it spins around for your kitty to pounce on.

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