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Hi-Tech Gadgets For Fido

August 15, 2022

We’ve seen some rather astounding advances in science and technology over the past few decades. While some things about dog care haven’t changed—you’ll still need to walk and train Fido, and give him treats and belly rubs—our canine buddies can now enjoy quite a few new hi-tech products of their own. A Brampton, ON veterinarian lists some of our favorites below.

GPS Collar

Does Fido sometimes run off in search of adventure (or treats)? Some of our patients are so determined to see the world that they’ll dash off at any chance. Pets can also slip out through open doors or gates. This can be very dangerous! Consider getting your pooch a collar that is equipped with a GPS tracker. There are now several different ones on the market, and they all have various options on things like range, battery life, and subscription costs. Do some research before you buy.

Aromatherapy Diffuser Pods

Aromatherapy has been shown to provide several benefits to both people and pets’ health and well-being. You can now get pet-calming products made into pods for aromatherapy diffusers. This could be great for nervous dogs!

Doggy Translator

Our canine pals are pretty good at communicating, but now, thanks to technology, they can speak to us directly. You can buy Fido buttons that play specific words when he presses them with his paw. What do they say? Mostly things that Man’s Best Friend would really want to communicate, such as ‘Treat’ ‘Outside’ and ‘Play’.


Paw burns are a serious risk at this time of year. Up until now, we’ve usually advised our clients to use paw balm or wax to protect their pets’ feet. However, now you can get Fido his own crocs! (Getting him to wear them, of course, is a whole other enchilada.)

Treat Cams

We suspect that if Fido could pick his favorite out of the things listed, this would be it. With these devices and an app, you can play with your furry buddy remotely, and even give him treats!

Handheld Tennis Ball Launcher

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If your pup loves chasing balls, this would be a great gift for him. (Spoil Your Dog Day was actually August 10th, but Fido won’t mind if his present is late.)

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