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Doggy Paw Care

March 1, 2019

When we think of symbols we associate with dogs, paw prints are often at the top of the list. Fido’s furry feet are super cute! Just like people, dogs need their feet to get around, so taking care of them is very important. A Brampton, ON vet discusses doggy paw care in this article.


Keep your pup’s claws trimmed! Overgrown nails are very uncomfortable for dogs. Fido may adjust his gait in response, which will put extra strain on his bones and joints. Plus, long nails can snag on things and tear. This can be quite painful, and can in some cases even lead to infection! If you aren’t comfortable trimming your furry buddy’s nails yourself, get a clipper that has a sensor on it. This will tell you where to cut. Or, just call us to schedule a nail trim.

Paw Pads

Doggy paw pads are very sensitive, just like human feet. After all, Fido is essentially running around barefoot. Our canine pals can get painful burns or abrasions by running around on hot surfaces in summer. In winter, salt, sand, ice, snow, and chemical de-icers can hurt your pet’s feet. When walking your dog, pay attention to the ground. Stay away from hot surfaces, and avoid spots with broken glass or other hazards. You can also use paw balm to protect your furry friend’s feet. Vaseline will also work in a pinch.

Toe Fur

Does Fido have toe fur tufts? These can be pretty cute, but it’s best to clip them. Otherwise, they can get matted and/or collect gunk. Needless to say, this can be quite uncomfortable for your pup!


Check your dog’s paws regularly. Look for obvious signs of injury, such as cuts and abrasions. Other red flags to look for include swelling, bruising, and puncture marks. Keep an eye out for ticks as well: they sometimes latch on between Fido’s toes. Seed awls are another thing to look for. Minor cuts can be treated at home with antiseptic, but take your canine companion to the vet for anything more serious.

Helpful Hack

Teach Fido a cute trick like Shake or Gimme Paw. Handle your pet’s feet, and run clippers over his toes, just to get him used to the idea. Then, give him a yummy snack.

Please reach out to us, your Brampton, ON vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!