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Raising a Friendly Cat

February 15, 2019

Have you recently adopted a kitten? Congratulations! You’ve got one of the most adorable things on the planet. Getting a kitten isn’t all purrs and snuggles, however. You definitely have some pet parenting ahead of you! Here, a Brampton, ON vet discusses teaching little Fluffy proper petiquette.

Reward Good Behavior

Punishment doesn’t work very well with cats. Your feline pal will act according to instincts, so she may not understand that she’s done something wrong. It’s much better to focus on rewarding your furball for behaving well. For example, when you see your pet using her scratching post, immediately praise her and give her a new toy or a special treat.

Start Training Right Away

Don’t let your kitty get away with bad behavior just because she’s cute. Address issues right away. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time breaking Fluffy’s bad habits down the road!

Correcting Bad Habits

If little Fluffy does something wrong—like attacking your fingers or biting your toes—tell her ‘No’ in a firm tone. You can also blow in her face or even squirt her with water. The point isn’t to hurt your feline buddy, or even to scare her: it’s just to startle or annoy her. Cats hate these things, and often will stop performing the behaviors that they associate with something unpleasant.


As you may know, baby cats are tiny, furry bundles of mischief. Little Fluffy will be very interested in mastering her claws and teeth, and may try to practice her hunting skills on anything and everything around—including you. Nip this bad habit in the bud! Offer your kitten lots of safe, suitable toys, and play with her daily. This will help teach your pet to take her aggression out on her playthings, not on you.

Get Fluffy Used To Being Handled

It’s important for your little ball of fur to feel comfortable, loved, and safe. Spend lots of time petting your kitten, and just getting her used to being handled. Touch her tummy and legs, and play with her toes. It’s also a good idea to brush her daily. Also, let little Fluffy sleep on your lap when she’s tired. Cats often think of their humans as their parents, so making your pet feel safe now will help her bond with you.

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