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Camping With Fido

July 1, 2019

Are you planning to go camping this summer? We suspect that your dog would be more than happy to join you. Fido loves exploring new places! Just put your pet’s safety first. In this article from a Brampton, ON vet, you’ll read some great tips on taking your dog camping.


Fido should be fixed, microchipped, and current on his vaccinations and parasite control. He should also be wearing ID tags. Obedience is also very important. Make sure your furry companion obeys simple commands, like Sit, Stay, Come, and Lay Down.


You’ll need to pack a bag for your pup. This should include toys, treats, food, bedding, towels, a pet first-aid kit, waste baggies, a tie-out line, dishes, and a spare leash and collar. If you’ll be near the water, include a pet lifejacket as well. If your canine buddy is healthy and big enough, he may be able to carry some of his own supplies in a doggy backpack.


Crackling campfires are one of the best things about camping, but they aren’t safe for dogs. Fire and pets are a very dangerous combination! Keep Fido safely away from the campfire. You’ll also need to be careful in the morning: your furry pal could burn his paws walking across hot coals.


Try not to let your pooch drink directly from rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, or puddles. The water could be contaminated! Bring water with you, or make it safe for both you and Fido to drink by boiling or treating it first.


Man’s Best Friend is pretty opportunistic, especially when it comes to food, and isn’t above going through the trash. This can be dangerous, as the garbage may contain things like bones, skewers, toothpicks, tinfoil, and can lids. Dispose of trash quickly and securely. (This will also help keep bears away.)


Dog feces are a major source of water pollution. Make sure to clean up after your canine friend. You may be able to bury Fido’s waste in some areas, but you’ll need to check local ordinances first.


Fido loves to explore. Keep a close eye on your pooch, and don’t let him run around off-leash. You don’t want him approaching wild animals, or venturing near cliffs, riverbanks, or other dangerous spots.

As your Brampton, ON vet, we are dedicated to keeping your dog happy and healthy. Contact us anytime!