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Cat Care For Apartment Dwellers

July 15, 2019

Cats are very popular and adorable pets. One of the many things that makes Fluffy such a great animal companion is the fact that she doesn’t really need a lot of room. Kitties are purrfect pets for people that live in apartments! However, people in small spaces will need to take a few steps to keep their furballs purring and content. A Brampton, ON vet offers tips for apartment dwellers with cats below.


We always recommend keeping cats inside. They’re simply much safer indoors! Indoor kitties don’t get as much exercise as cats that go outdoors, however, so you’ll need to make sure Fluffy is getting enough activity and stimulation. Take a few minutes a day to play with your feline buddy. Use interactive toys, like wand toys and laser pointers, to make this more fun and more challenging for your kitty.


Kitties are very, very good at getting into mischief. Make your home safe for your frisky pet by removing potential hazards. Some of the things you’ll want to address include toxic plants, wires and cords, plastic bags and wrappers, chemicals, medication, and anything small or sharp. Also, make sure your windows and screens close securely.

Window Coverings

Speaking of windows, if you have blinds, either leave them partway open or change them out for curtains. Cats often make themselves little ‘doors’ in blinds so they can look outside. This will not only ruin the blinds, it’s also quite dangerous. You don’t want Fluffy getting stuck!


Setting out some pet-safe plants will make your home look and smell nice. They’ll also give Fluffy a taste of nature, and offer her some foliage to nibble on and hide behind. Check the ASPCA website for a list of suitable options.

Kitty Comforts

Even small studio apartments can be a luxury mansion to a kitty. Offer Fluffy a few pieces of furniture, such as a cat tower or pet tent. If you don’t have a lot of room, opt for vertical space, like a catwalk.


Cats can get quite bored and unhappy if they spend too much time by themselves. Leave a radio on for Fluffy when you go to work. The background noise will comfort her, and keep her from feeling lonely.

Please contact us, your Brampton, ON vet clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!