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Celebrating National Dog Day

August 15, 2018

Put a paw print on your calendar for August 26th! It’s National Dog Day! Fido has been our loyal friend and companion for thousands of years. He’s definitely earned a day of his own! Read on for some great suggestions from a local Brampton, ON vet on how to celebrate this doggy holiday.


There’s nothing cuter than watching a playful pup having fun with a new toy. Buy or make your four-legged friend some new playthings, and spend some time playing with him. This will keep Fido both active and entertained, and will definitely score you some tail wags.


If there is one thing that our canine pals get excited about—aside from car rides, belly rubs, walks, and squirrels—it’s food. Get your pooch something special in honor of National Dog Day. Cooked, plain meat, fish, or chicken, without the skin, bones, or fat, is a great option. Fido can also have a hot dog, a little bacon or sausage, or some doggy ice cream.


There’s just no such thing as too many pet pictures. Candid shots are great, but this is the ideal time to take some really great pictures of your pup. Schedule Fido’s photo shoot for dusk or dawn, when the light is best. Then, experiment with different angles and effects.

Doggy Bed

Dogs spend about half their time sleeping, on average. A comfy doggy bed would be a great gift for your furry best friend!


Many of our canine friends love to explore new places, and conquer brand new patches of grass. Check out a new doggy park with your pooch, or explore a new trail.


We know, given the option, Fido would probably knock this one right off the list. But even if your dog isn’t exactly thrilled to find out he’s getting bathed, he probably does enjoy feeling soft and clean afterwards. Plus, you’ll get to cuddle with a fresh-smelling pup!

Doggy Luxuries

There’s no shortage of ways to spoil a dog. Consider signing your furry pal up for a subscription box. Every month, Fido will get a package of goodies in the mail. Doghouses, puppy playgrounds, doggy day care, and massages are also great ways to pamper your canine best friend.

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