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Easy Ways to Pamper Your Dog

June 1, 2020

Your canine pal is a great friend and companion, who stays by your side no matter what. Fido has also been an amazing source of comfort and companionship over the past few months. Why not brighten up his day by spoiling him a bit? A local Brampton, ON vet lists some easy ways to do that in this article.


Playing with your dog is great for him both mentally and physically. This will not only help keep Fido fit, it will also entertain him. Playing also provides mental stimulation, which is also very important for our canine companions. Plus, it’s cute! Spend a few minutes a day tossing a toy for your cute pet or playing Tag with him may be just as fun for you as for your pup!


Speaking of toys, they’re also a wonderful way to get that cute tail going. If you are low on funds, turn an old tee shirt or towel into a rope toy by cutting it into thin strips and braiding them together. Use alternating patterns to make it look nice. Then, braid the braids together. Tie the whole thing off in a knot. You can incorporate a tennis ball, or try different shapes.


Yummy treats are definitely pretty high on the list of things our canine buddies love. Give your pooch a snack! Just stick to things that are safe for Fido, like plain, cooked meat, fish, or chicken.


Did you know that many dogs like learning new things? If Fido hasn’t mastered simple commands, like Sit, Stay, or Come yet, take time to work with him. This is very important! If your pet already has these basics down, show him some cute tricks, like Beg or Roll Over.


It’s been a tough year, to say the least. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to make sure that you are getting fresh air, exercise, and sunshine. Take Fido to a park, or just take a long walk around the block.

Belly Rubs

Dogs don’t really ask for very much from us. They just want to spend time with us and collect as many ear scritches and belly rubs as possible. Indulge these adorable requests!

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