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Things We Will Never Sort Out About Cats

April 1, 2022

Kitties are definitely very enigmatic and mysterious little furballs. There’s almost no end to the funny and silly things they do! While we have learned quite a bit about our feline friends over the years, there are still quite a few things that we may never understand. A Brampton, ON vet lists some of the more ‘purrplexing’ ones below.

Why They’re So Tired

Cats certainly are sleepy. Fluffy can spend as much as 20 hours a day snoozing. That’s more than almost any animal on the planet, with the exception of some bats, possums, and human teenagers. Is being adorable and silently judging us really that exhausting?

How They Teleport

Have you ever thought your kitty was in one spot, only to find her somewhere completely different? We may never prove that Fluffy has figured out how to use wormholes. Let’s just say we have our suspicions.

Their Box Obsession

Our feline friends are all unique individuals. One thing all of them have in common? A love of boxes. Big boxes, small boxes, pizza boxes, shoe boxes … Fluffy loves them all!

If They’re Trying To Kill Us

Does your cat sometimes run out in front of you as you’re walking? Does Fluffy sometimes pounce on your shoelaces or bite your fingers? Your cute pet may look innocent, but is this actually a kitty ploy? Is your furball trying to trip or seriously wound you? We may never know…

Kitty Physics

One has to wonder if cats actually follow the same laws of physics as the rest of us. Fluffy can definitely perform some amazing feats of kitty acrobatics! Plus, she often falls asleep in configurations one would usually associate with knots, pretzels, and mosquito flight patterns.


Another one of Fluffy’s odd quirks? She can go from cuddly and loving to a hissing ball of rage in a fraction of a second, and for no apparent cause. Kitties also have a rather odd predilection for smacking small objects off counters and tables with their paws, also for no apparent reason.

Are They Magic?

Cats have a way of melting our hearts with her furry face, soothing purrs, and kitty antics. Fluffy may have their own special magic!

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