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Things Cats Will Never Admit

July 15, 2021

Kitties are rather mysterious little pets. Fluffy bites us out of affection, spends a rather ridiculous amount of time sleeping, vibrates when she’s happy, and has a strange fascination with catnip. We’ve learned quite a lot about our feline pals over the years. However, there are some things we may never quite sort out. A local Brampton, ON vet lists some of them below.

The Box Obsession

If you put an empty box down on the floor before your furry pal, there’s a pretty good chance that she’ll jump right into it … even if she has to smoosh herself in. Why are cats so obsessed with boxes? One might think it’s because kitties feel safer in boxes, but that theory kind of goes out the window when you see Fluffy stuffing herself into a box that is clearly much too small for her.

Serial Killer Tendencies

Did you know that cats kill billions of small animals every year? Fluffy may look proud of herself when she drops a ‘gift’ at your feet, but don’t be fooled. Your adorable, cuddly little furball may be a serial killer!

Solar Power

Cats don’t actually run on solar power. Or do they? Fluffy does spend a rather suspicious amount of time sprawled out in sunbeams. One has to wonder …


Here’s another odd thing about cats: they rarely ‘talk’ to each other. Fluffy usually only speaks to her humans, and mostly to let us know that she’s ready for her third breakfast.

Power Of The Purr

To be fair, cats aren’t the only animals that purr. Squirrels, hyenas, and even gorillas also rumble at times. However, Fluffy’s little motor is quite special. As it turns out, the frequencies kitties purr at have healing properties. In fact, these frequencies are often used in physical therapy.

Cat World Domination Day

We all know that cats managed to get the ancient Egyptians to treat them as divine. You may have thought this was just a coincidence. However, there’s an actual holiday dedicated to Fluffy’s quest for power. Hmm …

Hairball Placement

Have you ever wondered if Fluffy deliberately left a mess when she knew you’d step on it? We can’t rule out the pawsibility!

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