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Respect Your Cat Day 

March 15, 2023

Respect Your Cat Day is March 28th! These cute little balls of fur may be small, but they are quite remarkable. Fluffy is perfectly capable of fending for herself, but instead decided that she much prefers the life of a pampered pet. A Brampton, ON vet offers some information on why kitties deserve respect and how best to go about offering it in this article. 

Ancient Practice

No other animal has managed to demand reverence the way cats have. Kitties convinced several ancient societies to treat them as divine beings! The Egyptians, for instance, were so impressed that they would shave their eyebrows when their beloved furry friends passed on. In fact, many cats were mummified along with their humans. Fluffy also didn’t waste time winning hearts over in the Meditteranean; one 9500-year-old grave found on the island of Cypress contained both human and feline remains.

Ferocious Furballs

Cats may be small and cute, but they’re also very efficient hunters. In fact, our ancestors were so impressed with Fluffy’s hunting abilities that they essentially hired her as pest control. (Those murdering skills aren’t as in demand as they once were, but we’re still providing our furry pals with free room and board anyway.) Get your kitty some fun toys to practice her ‘lioning’ on, and take time to play with her daily.  

Understanding Fluffy

Respecting your cat very much entails respecting her needs … even the ones you don’t care for. You may be upset that your feline buddy scratched up your sofa or knocked your water glass over, but don’t punish her. She’s only following her instincts! Provide scratching posts for your furry little diva.

Showing Fluffy Respect

How do you please your feline overlord? Toys and treats are both pretty good bets. Cats love to unleash their inner lionesses by attacking catnip mice or other playthings. Fluffy may also enjoy some kitty furniture, such as a good window seat. That said, there is a difference between respecting your cat and just spoiling her. Keeping your furry pal happy and healthy is really the bottom line. That entails basics like providing good food and fresh water, keeping your pet’s litterbox clean, and, of course, bringing her to the vet regularly. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions about your pet’s health or care. As your Brampton, ON animal clinic, we’re here to help!