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Puppy Proofing

July 1, 2022

Has a puppy just joined your household? Good for you! Having a puppy is definitely lots of fun, but it also entails quite a bit of work. Training and socialization are both crucial parts of puppy parenting. Another thing that is a must at this stage? Puppyproofing. Little Fido is going to want to taste test anything and everything he can get his paws on, and figure out what is and isn’t safe. A local Brampton, ON vet offers some tips on this below.

Small/Sharp Objects

Anything small or sharp is definitely a concern. Don’t assume that your canine buddy won’t be interested in eating things like nails or pennies. It’s all fair game, as far as little Fido is concerned. Some of the dangers here include things like craft kit pieces, pen caps, jewelry, buttons, lipsticks, keys, small toys … the list goes on. In general, anything that bears even the slightest possibility of being a choking or poisoning hazard should be kept safely out of paws’ reach.


Toxins are a concern for pets of any age. Little Fido can easily ingest dangerous substances: all he has to do is walk through a recently-treated spot and then lick his paws. He also has been known to chew bottles and boxes, which can also lead to accidental ingestion. Some of the things to be concerned about here include cleaning agents, automotive products, pesticides, fertilizer, fungicides, paints, turpentine, drain opener. Medication is also a huge hazard.


Many popular houseplants are toxic to Man’s Best Friend. Some of the most dangerous ones include cyclamen, oleander, lily of the valley, philodendron, rhododendron, and sago palms. You can find more information on unsafe plants at the ASPCA site here.


When little Fido starts teething, he’s going to want to gnaw on anything that will help soothe the pain in his gums. That includes small pieces of clothing, such as socks, underwear, towels, and scarves. Keep these things off the floor!


Plastic is not only a choking hazard: it can cause severe gastrointestinal issues if ingested. Unfortunately, many of our furry friends like the taste and/or texture. Keep plastic bags, wrappers, and ties out of the way. The plastic rings that hold beverages together are also unsafe.

Our Advice on Puppy Proofing in 2024

What are the critical aspects of puppy proofing a home?

Puppy proofing your home involves securing hazards to keep your new pup safe. Key steps include removing small or sharp objects that can be swallowed, storing toxic substances like cleaners and medications out of reach, safeguarding plants, and ensuring inaccessible items like plastics and laundry. It’s about creating a safe, exploratory space for your puppy’s development.

Why is it important to be cautious about small and sharp objects around puppies?

Small and sharp objects pose severe risks to puppies, who often explore the world with their mouths. These items can lead to choking, internal injuries, or blockages if swallowed. Keeping such hazards away is crucial to ensure your puppy’s safety and well-being.

What types of household items pose a choking or poisoning hazard to puppies?

Household items that pose risks to puppies include small objects like coins, buttons, and jewelry for choking, cleaning agents, medications, certain plants, and some human foods for poisoning. Keep these out of reach to prevent accidental ingestion and ensure puppy safety.

Why are certain houseplants dangerous to puppies?

Certain houseplants are toxic to puppies as they contain harmful chemicals. If ingested, these plants can cause symptoms ranging from mild irritation to severe gastrointestinal upset and, in some cases, life-threatening conditions. It’s crucial to know which plants are safe around pets.

How does the teething phase affect a puppy’s chewing behavior?

During the teething phase, puppies experience discomfort as their teeth grow in. This leads to increased chewing behavior as they seek to soothe their sore gums. Offering suitable chew toys effectively controls this behavior and safeguards home belongings from destruction.

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