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Preparing Your Dog for Winter

October 1, 2017

Winter is just around the corner! Whether you are dreading the cold, or looking forward to fun winter activities, like skiing and snowmobiling, chances are you’ve got some seasonal preparations ahead of you. Don’t forget about Fido! Read on as a Springdale, ON vet discusses preparing your dog for winter.


Some dogs will burn more calories in winter just staying warm. Puppies, working pooches, senior dogs, nursing mothers, and dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors may need bigger portion sizes as the weather cools. If Fido is getting older, or suffers from bone/joint disorders, he may also benefit from certain supplements. Ask your vet for nutritional recommendations.


While some dogs, like huskies, are already wearing their winter wardrobes, others need extra protection against the cold. Always bring Fido’s measurements with you when you go shopping for him, so you can avoid the guessing game of whether something will fit or not. (Tip: try texting them to yourself.) Stick to machine-washable fabrics, and choose pieces without buttons, zippers, or dangling threads. Also, avoid putting your pet in anything that is tight, hot, itchy, or constricting.


Make sure Fido has a warm, comfy bed to snuggle up in. Large breeds and senior dogs may appreciate orthopedic and/or heated beds. This is a great time to give your canine companion’s bedding a good washing!


Snow, salt, ice, sand, and de-icing chemicals can really do a number on Fido’s furry feet. When you stock up on de-icing products, always opt for pet-friendly ones.


Once it starts getting dark early, you may be walking your pet after nightfall quite a bit. We recommend using a reflective leash and collar on your pup, and wearing a reflective jacket and shoes yourself. Many wild animals are preparing to hibernate at this time of year, and are crankier than usual, so avoid heavily wooded areas. That said, take advantage of the weather, and spend some time playing with Fido outside before it gets too cold. Autumn is also a great time for visiting the doggy park!

Parasite Control

As temperatures drop, fleas and ticks will be seeking warm bodies and nesting places. Keep your pet protected from these disgusting parasites by staying current with his prevention products.

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