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6 Reasons to Play With Your Cat Regularly

November 1, 2020

Does your kitty sometimes playfully pounce on your shoelaces, or chase after the reflected dot of light your watch makes? Cats are adorable when they are feeling frisky. Go ahead and indulge your feline buddy’s silly streak. As it turns out, playing is great for Fluffy! A Brampton, ON vet lists some reasons why in this article.


Younger cats are often frisky, active bundles of mischief. However, as Fluffy grows older, she’ll become more interested in chasing Z’s than in chasing mice. Playing is a great kitty workout for your feline friend! A fun play session will help keep her bones and muscles strong, and is also good for her heart and lungs. Plus, it can help ward off obesity, which carries some very serious health risks for pets.


When you hold that squeaky squirrel toy for Fluffy, she’ll know that you’re making an effort to entertain her. This will score you some points with your furry little buddy. Cats love being pampered! If you have more than one kitty, dual play sessions can also help them bond to one another. This can be very helpful in helping your pets become friends.

Mental Stimulation

Those fun play sessions aren’t just good for Fluffy physically. They also provide beneficial mental stimulation. Your pint-sized predator has to really focus to land those tricky jumps just right. That concentration is great for her mind, and may even help ward off cognitive decay as she ages.

Happy Cat

Playing activities, like scratching and biting, are a big part of the hunting tactics that have helped cats survive in the wild. Those adorable pounces are actually a crucial kitty skill! A fun play session will let your little buddy unleash her inner lioness.


Kitties all have their own unique personalities. Some are fearless, while others are quite timid. If your pet is shy, go grab that wand toy. Landing a tricky pounce can do wonders for Fluffy’s confidence!


Last but not least, playing is just plain fun for cats. Fluffy has the time of her life running after that little red dot. This will definitely brighten up your furry pal’s day. It may very well put a smile on your face as well!

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