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Ways Pets Are Good for You

June 15, 2020

Our animal companions have really stepped up over the past few months, providing lots of comfort and entertainment in difficult times. If you have a furred, feathered, or scaled friend, give them some extra attention this week. Pets make our lives better in many ways! A Brampton, ON vet lists some of them in this article.


One thing we can definitely say about our furry pals is that they keep us laughing. Fluffy is pretty funny when she is ‘stalking’ that little red dot or attacking a fuzzy catnip mouse. And Fido is absolutely hilarious when he’s running after a ball, or just being happy, confused, or both. You can’t put a price on laughter!


Our furry friends really do have a special way of knowing when we are scared or stressed. Many times they instinctively stick closer to us when we are feeling down. We’re pretty sure that many of you have been giving your pet lots of extra hugs and cuddles over the last months. For those who have been sick, pets also make great snuggle buddies as you are recuperating. That special bond between people and pets can very much become a lifeline at times like this!

Sleep Aids

Another thing pets are great at helping us with is just getting some sleep. It’s not always easy to get good rest, especially if you are stressed. However, Fluffy and Fido have no intention of giving up their packed napping schedules. Take a cue from your furry best friend, and make sure you’re getting enough rest.


This one may apply more to dogs. Fluffy isn’t really much motivation when it comes to getting exercise. That said, Man’s Best Friend does keep his humans active. Fresh air and sunshine are good for everyone, and those walks really do add up!

Healing Cuddles

If our pets had just one job, it may be just to offer us love and friendship. Fluffy’s soothing purrs have been shown to be very helpful to people coping with grief, stress, anxiety, fear, or depression. You gotta love the fact that many kitties start their engines as soon as you pet them or pick them up! Tail wags and puppy smooches are also pretty awesome.

Please contact us, your Brampton, ON vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here for you.