Our Careteam

Client Care Specialist
Sarah’s own dog, Pablo, is the inspiration behind her love for animals and her passion for their healthcare. When she first adopted Pablo as a puppy in 2015, Sarah had a realization: no matter how bad her day may had been, she could always come home to her dog’s positivity, companionship, and unconditional love. For Sarah, getting to spend her days nurturing and strengthening those bonds for other pet owners is a dream come true! She’s Dixie Road Pet Clinic’s Customer Care Coordinator, and also serves the area’s pets as a Veterinary Assistant.

Sarah grew up in Malton but moved to Brampton with her family shortly before her high-school years. She’s been here ever since! After having her son and being on maternity leave for a year, Sarah decided to return to the workforce—she was thrilled to accept a position at Dixie Road Pet Clinic, and couldn’t be happier to launch her journey in veterinary medicine here. One of Sarah’s favourite parts of the job is speaking to clients about the hospital’s wellness program, and she never tires of meeting adorable companions on a daily basis!

Most of Sarah’s free time away from the clinic is spent with her family. Along with Pablo, Sarah shares her home with her boyfriend, C.J., and her young son, Aliath.
Client Care Specialist
Liz has been serving the public in various customer service roles for the past 13 years. She loves working with people and makes it her mission to provide exceptional service, every time. When Liz found an opportunity that combined top-notch customer service with adorable pets, she simply couldn’t resist! She’s proud to serve as a member of Dixie Road Pet Clinic’s Client Care Specialist team.

Liz grew up in Brampton with three older brothers and a house full of pets. She joined the Dixie Road Pet clinic team in March of 2019, and couldn’t be happier to serve the pets and animal owners of her hometown as a Customer Service Representative. Liz loves to be the first point of contact with all of the clinic’s visitors—human and animal alike—and she’s especially fond of learning something new every single day.

When she’s not at work, Liz loves knitting and crocheting (she’s been knitting since the age of seven!), reading good books, and taking her dog for walks. She shares her life with a Shih Tzu, Angel, who hates to be woken up before noon, as well as two cats named Severus and Minerva who love sunbathing and pestering Angel at every opportunity.
Client Care Specialist
Kelsey grew up in Stouffville, Ohio, where she would frequently visit and work on the family farm. She’s worked with horses closely for over a decade, and always appreciated the wonderful connections that we share with our animal companions. After finishing school and working in a variety of fields, Kelsey decided that it was time to follow her passion. That’s when she joined the Dixie Road Pet Clinic family!

Kelsey joined the hospital team in August of 2019, and couldn’t be happier to launch her journey in veterinary medicine right here at Dixie Road Pet Clinic. She serves as a Client Care Specialist and loves to meet and greet pet owners and their adorable companions at the front desk. For Kelsey, getting a firsthand look at the incredible bonds between pets and owners is truly remarkable!

Away from work, Kelsey enjoys working on the family farm and relaxing at home with her own pets. She lives with two cats: Lou, who is the most laid-back cat Kelsey has ever known; and Jet, who never stops talking and is constantly on the go.
Registered Veterinary Technician
Gillian has enjoyed the company of pets ever since she can remember, and she’s always wanted to give something back. For her, a career spent helping animals simply makes sense! Gillian is proud to serve the pets and animal owners of the Brampton area as a Registered Veterinary Technician.

Gillian was born in England but grew up in Toronto. She earned her veterinary accreditations from St. Clair College and became a member of the Dixie Road Pet Clinic family in early 2016. Gillian has a special interest in pain management, and she particularly likes helping each and every pet that visits the clinic to be as comfortable as possible throughout their time here.

Away from the hospital, Gillian enjoys running, swimming, downhill skiing, painting, and spending quality time with her family. She lives in East Garafraxa with her husband, Ken, and their three boys: Luke, Chad, and Matthew.