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Leaving Your Cat Home Alone

September 15, 2020

Does your kitty stay home by herself while you’re at work? Cats are quite independent, which is one of the many reasons they make such purrfect pets. However, they can get lonely if they are left by themselves too long. They’re also quite prone to mischief! Read on as a Brampton, ON vet offers some tips on keeping your feline pal home by herself.


It’s probably safe to say that your cat will spend a pretty good chunk of her day sleeping. However, Fluffy does need something to do between those 37 daily naps. Make sure your kitty has lots of toys that she can use by herself. Change things out regularly to keep her from getting bored with her playthings.

Background Noise

Turn a radio or TV on for your feline friend. The sound of music and voices will soothe her, and keep her from getting lonely. You may want to try pulling up a TV show or documentary made for kitties. Some cats really enjoy watching programs about birds or squirrels!

Climate Control

Keep your climate control running. You don’t want your furry pal getting too hot or too cold!


Our feline buddies are very curious, and they love exploring things. Give Fluffy empty boxes, paper grocery bags, and newspaper tunnels to investigate. Your pet will also appreciate having some kitty furniture, like a cat tower. A comfy window seat with a good view is also a must.


Never underestimate a cat’s capacity for shenanigans! Make sure that your home is safe for Fluffy by removing or securing potential hazards. This list would include things like toxic plants, chemicals, medications, plastic bags and wrappers, ropes and cords, and anything small or sharp. You’ll also want to make sure your windows close tightly, and keep breakable objects out of paws’ reach.


Are you going to be out after sundown? Leave a light on for Fluffy, so she isn’t left sitting alone in a dark house.


Are you leaving town? Generally, kitties can be left alone overnight. However, if you’ll be gone longer than that, you may want to look into boarding your furry buddy instead. This goes double for kittens, senior cats, and furballs with medical issues.

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