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Helping Your Kitties Become Friends

July 1, 2018

Have you just adopted a second cat? If so, your resident furball probably won’t be as excited as you are about your adorable new arrival. Cats can be very jealous of one another! Read on as a Brampton, ON vet discusses helping your feline pals make friends.


First impressions are a huge deal to kitties. When you first bring your new cat home, put her in a separate room with toys, treats, bedding, food, a litterbox, and furniture, and let her settle in. It won’t take your other cat long to realize there’s a strange kitty on the other side of the door. You may see some hissing, which should steadily subside. Once your cats are playing ‘pawsies’ under the door—and your vet gives you the green light—you can introduce them. Put your new furball in her carrier, and bring her into the living room. Let your cats see and sniff each other. If all goes well, you can let your pets officially meet. You may see some hissing and ‘floofing,’ but this should steadily diminish.


Take time to play with your cats, both individually and together. (Tip: schedule individual sessions for when the other kitty is asleep or in another room.) This will help your furry pals burn off their excess energy. Afterwards, they’ll be calmer and perhaps a bit tired … and therefore, less likely to fight.

Good Impressions

Always do something positive when your cats are near one another. Pet them, play with them, and offer catnip, toys, and treats. It will definitely help if Fluffy and Mittens think that good things happen when they are together!


Competition over resources is often a source of stress for kitties. Provide separate litterboxes and food dishes, as well as plenty of toys. If you get cat furniture, pick pieces that will fit both kitties at once.


Fluffy may be small, but her jealous streak is enormous. Be sure to pay equal attention to your pets. This can be tricky if you’ve adopted a kitten, as it’s pretty much impossible to refuse petting baby furballs. However, your resident feline may be watching resentfully, and will not be happy if she feels left out. Adding kitties means increasing your kitty cuddle duties!

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