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Hug Your Cat Day

June 1, 2022

Cat lovers, take heed: June 4th is Hug Your Cat Day! Of course, we think that kitties deserve to be hugged every day. You definitely don’t need a reason to hug your cat. However, if you did, you’ll find a few great ones below! Here, a Brampton, ON veterinarian lists some purrfect reasons to hug your kitty.


Our feline friends are very emotional. They can get very, very attached to their humans. However, that friendship has to be nurtured. Hugging Fluffy is a great way to do that! This applies whether you’ve just adopted your pet or have had her for years. It’s important to carve out some time with your furry buddy every day, and just let her know that she is safe and cared for.

Health Benefits

Did you know that hugging cats is good for your health? When you snuggle Fluffy, some very interesting things happen inside your body. For one thing, kitty cuddles stimulate the release of endorphins, which are those feel-good hormones. Cuddling your furry friend can also lower your blood pressure, and can even help with your cholesterol.

Soothing Fluffy

When you take time to hug Fluffy, you’re also doing her a world of good. Cats are quite small, and they can easily feel scared. That loving, gentle contact can help your feline buddy feel safe and loved. Having good emotional and mental well-being will also benefit your furball physically. Kitties that feel nervous or unsettled may stop eating, overgroom themselves, or develop other issues.

It’s Relaxing

If Fluffy has one thing mastered, that would be the art of napping. That purrfect state of relaxation can sometimes rub off on people, too. The purr has something to do with that. As it turns out, kitty purrs are not only great sleep aids, they also have healing properties. The frequencies that cats purr at have been shown to help heal tissue and strengthen our bones.

Everyone Needs Hugs

The last few years have been rough for a lot of people. Hugging cats can be very beneficial to anyone who is struggling with grief, depression, anxiety, loneliness, or trauma. In fact, Fluffy is often found in hospitals and hospices, just providing cuddles to anyone who needs them. Kitties may be a little bit magical after all!

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