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Halloween With Fido

October 15, 2022

Halloween is just around the corner! As you prepare for the autumn holiday, you’ll want to take a few precautions to keep your canine companion safe. This can be a dangerous time of year for Man’s Best Friend! A Brampton, ON vet offers some advice on this below.


Our canine pals really do look adorable in outfits. However, before you dress your pup up as a dinosaur or taco, there are things to consider. First, make sure Fido’s outfit fits well, and isn’t tight, hot, itchy, or constricting. Avoid costumes with small parts, such as buttons, as some dogs will try to eat these pieces. Finally, don’t force your furry friend to wear a costume if he’s uncomfortable in it.


Fido is both curious and playful. He also has a very healthy appetite and a love for chewing, well, everything. That’s a dangerous mix! Keep your playful pup in mind as you decorate your place. Anything small or sharp is a hazard, as are things with wires, cords, or dangling threads. That includes popular pieces like garlands, fake spiderwebs, and string lights. You’ll also need to take care with anything that uses batteries and/or has a flame or heating element.


You may be walking your canine buddy after dark quite often around Halloween. Get reflective gear for both yourself and Fido, and take a flashlight with you. (Tip: you may want to get a leash with a built-in one.) Be on the lookout for wild animals!


Candy is a hugely popular Halloween tradition. Just don’t share any of those sweets with Fido. Many seasonal snacks contain things that aren’t safe for him, such as chocolate, raisins, nuts, or xylitol. Smaller candies also present choking hazards, as do candy wrappers. Ask your vet for more information.


It can get chilly at this time of year. Make sure your furry bff has a comfy bed to snuggle up in!


Are you having a party and/or expecting trick or treaters? Even the friendliest pooch can get scared or unsettled by a stream of costumed visitors. If Fido is nervous or reactive, put him in his crate or in a comfy back room with toys and treats until the rush or event is over.

Happy Halloween! Please reach out to us, your Springdale, ON animal clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs.