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6 Ways to Deal With Fido’s Muddy Paws

March 1, 2021

Spring is (officially) just a few weeks away now. Of course, here in the north, we have to get through mud season before the actual spring starts. Mud season may be lots of fun for people who like off-roading, but for dog owners? Not so much. Read on as a Brampton, ON vet offers some tips on getting through this sloppy time of year with your canine buddy.


This one isn’t going to be right for every dog, as many pooches just won’t go for wearing fancy footwear. However, if Fido does like wearing boots, you’re already ahead of the curve!


Keep some old towels or rags just inside the door. Before you unsnap your furry pal’s leash, take a minute to wipe his paws down. You can also use paw wipes, old tee shirts or microfiber cloths.


Once it gets a little warmer, you may have the option of hosing Fido’s feet down. Of course, this one sort of depends on how your place is set up. If you have a hose just outside the back door, this may work very well. If your hose is in a muddy area, it will probably defeat the purpose.


Get a good bath mat, and put it just outside the door you bring Fido in and out of. These are made to absorb water, and should hold up to wear and tear. To make this the most effective, teach your pooch to wipe his paws before he comes back in. This training should wait until your canine pal has mastered basic doggy commands, like Sit< and Stay. However, it will definitely be worth your while in the end.


Dogs have been our friends and companions for as much as 40,000 years. That means they’ve been tracking mud into our homes for roughly 39,999 years and 11 months. It may have taken us a while, but humanity has come up with some gadgets made just for cleaning Fido’s feet. Some are a sort of combination glove/mop, which you would put on. Others are removable cleaning booties. You’ll find these—and many other products—online. Cleaning products, like steam mops and electric mops, can also make quick work of Fido’s tracks.

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