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Tips for Choosing Fido’s Halloween Outfit

October 1, 2019

Halloween is just around the corner! Man’s Best Friend looks pretty adorable in costumes. Fido has been a spider, a dinosaur, a taco, a lion, and a pirate, to name just a few things. There’s nothing wrong with involving your furry BFF in the fun of dressing up. Just be sure to put your canine pal’s comfort and safety first. A local Brampton, ON vet offers some tips on choosing your dog’s Halloween costume in this article.


First and foremost, you’ll need to make sure that your pup’s things fit him properly, and don’t restrict his movements. Measure your pet’s torso, chest, legs, and the length of his spine from neck to tail.


Don’t get your canine buddy anything with small parts or dangling threads. Fido may try to eat them, which could be very dangerous! Zippers are also best avoided, as they can catch in Fido’s fur. Ouch!

Store-bought Options

Many pet stores now offer a selection of adorable costumes for Man’s Best Friend. The good thing about these is that, since they are designed for dogs, they are typically both safe and comfortable. Look online for cute options.


Those bumblebee wings might be adorable on your dog, but make sure that they don’t block Fido’s vision. You also want to be careful that your furry buddy doesn’t get caught on things.


Don’t forget that your canine companion is wearing a fur coat! Choose breathable fabrics that won’t be too hot. You’ll also want to keep a close eye on Fido. If you notice your pooch panting, immediately take his costume off and give him some water.

Tail Wags

Don’t force your canine friend to wear an outfit if he doesn’t want to. If Fido seems scared, annoyed, or uncomfortable, snap a quick photo and then take his costume off. You can also just go with something simple, like a cute bandana or bowtie on his collar.

Have Fun

Have some fun when choosing your four-legged pal’s outfit. Consider having Fido’s costume go with yours. You’ll also want to keep your pet’s personality in mind. A distinguished bulldog may look adorable in a plaid cape, while a little princess pup may look super cute in a pink butterfly outfit.

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