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June 15, 2023

One thing that we know ‘fur’ sure about our feline friends? They are all very, very different. Some cats are friendly and affectionate, some are calm and blasé, and others are, well, a bit cantankerous. Fluffy can also move between all of these ‘purrsonas’ … sometimes in just a few minutes! A Springdale, ON vet discusses kitty cattitude in this article.

Meowpulation Tactics

Fluffy may be small, but she definitely has a way of wrapping her humans around those little paws. She also often gets her way by meowing or looking adorable. Cats can get pretty vocal when they want something. For instance, if your feline pal spots the bottom of her food bowl, she may yell at you until you address this oversight. Your kitty may also complain if she pushed a toy under the couch, or if you move her mid-nap.


Our feline pals are definitely unique among our animal companions. Fluffy is the only one of our furry friends that sometimes likes to bite or scratch us to show affection, or sometimes just for fun. Rough play does, to some extent, stem from instinctive behaviors. Fluffy is both predator and prey in the wild, so she’s naturally driven to master all of those claws and teeth. However, this is bad manners, and can escalate to problematic behavior. Nip this habit in the bud: if your cat tries to bite or scratch you, just say ‘No’ or ‘Put your claws away’ in a stern tone of voice. Then, ignore her for a while.


Rough play is one thing, but true aggression is a much more serious issue. This can stem from a variety of issues. Sometimes cats lash out because they’re scared, or feel cornered or threatened. Fluffy may also be angry at the cat across the street, but attack you instead. This is displaced aggression. Other causes include fear, anxiety, loneliness, and medical issues. The better you get to know your furry friend, the easier it will be for you to figure out what is causing her crankiness. If you aren’t sure why your pet is a sour puss, schedule an exam with your vet to rule out medical issues. If your cranky pet gets the all-clear, you can move on to looking at other causes, such as fear, anxiety, or boredom.

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