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Cat Lovers Month

December 1, 2022

December has gone to the cats: it’s Cat Lovers’ Month! Fluffy definitely has some devoted fans, and with good reason. She may just be the purrfect pet! A Brampton, ON vet lists some reasons to pay your feline buddy some extra attention below.

They Make Us Laugh

One thing we can say about our furry bffs: they certainly are entertaining. Whether they are attacking dust bunnies, sleeping in a weird positions, playing with catnip toys, or just yelling at us to feed them right meow, kitties just have a special way of putting smiles on our faces.

They Soothe Us

Cuddling up with a purring furball can be extremely relaxing. In fact, kitties are wonderful at helping to soothe and comfort us on bad days. People with cats also have lower risks of developing issues such as high blood pressure and stroke.

They’re Affectionate

While some cats are cuddlier than others, even aloof kitties often get very attached to their humans. There’s just no mistaking that look of adoration Fluffy gets! You may find that your feline friend simply melts your heart when she snuggles up to you or gives you a loving head bonk.

They’re Great Pets

One great thing about cats is the fact that they are very clean. Fluffy also doesn’t need much room, and doesn’t have to be walked or trained. Kitties are also versatile: they can do just fine as only pets, but they also thrive in multi-pet homes. (This does depend on the cat, of course.)

They’re All Unique

Our feline pals do share some general likes and dislikes. Warm napping spots and boxes? Good. Getting bathed or being startled? Not so much. That said, cats all have very distinct purrsonalities. Fluffy may be obsessed with your shoes, or love eating wallpaper. That’s part of the fun of having these charming balls of fur as pets!

They’re Adorable

Last but certainly not least, Fluffy is just really, really cute. Cats can sport all sorts of unique colors and patterns. Whether you have a black ‘void kitty’ that looks like a million other kitties, or a one-of-a-kind pet with a heart pattern on her coat, your furry pal’s soft coat is without a doubt one of her best features. (We love hairless cats, too!)

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