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Caring for a Timid Cat

April 1, 2019

Cats are very charismatic pets, and they all have their own ‘purrsonalities.’ Some are bold and fearless, some are calm and friendly, and others are quite shy. If your feline pal fits into the latter category, you may want to take some precautions to help Fluffy feel safe and secure. A Brampton, ON vet discusses caring for timid cats in this article.

Hiding Places

Cats are very small and vulnerable, and can feel threatened very easily. Make sure that your feline friend has lots of hiding places to retreat to if something frightens her. These don’t have to be elaborate: a spot under the couch or behind a bookcase will do. Kitties tend to feel safe and secure in enclosed spaces, so your pet will probably appreciate cat furniture with enclosed spaces, like pet tents or tipis.


Taking time to play with your cat regularly can be surprisingly beneficial. Pouncing on a catnip mouse, chasing the red spot from a laser pointer, or batting at that wand toy are all great exercise. A good kitty workout will help Fluffy burn off any nervous energy she has. After a fun play session, your feline buddy will likely be a bit tired, and will naturally feel calmer. This also gives your pet an appropriate way to release any frustration she has.

Vertical Space

Do you have more than one pet? If your furry friends don’t always get along, you will need to offer your scaredy-cat lots of escape routes to run to if she gets bullied. Vertical space, such as cat towers and catwalks are great for this! Also, make sure your pets don’t have to compete for attention or resources. If you get a cat tower, make sure all your kitties can fit on it at once.


Believe it or not, boredom is often a source of anxiety in cats. Make sure Fluffy has lots of toys, and at least one comfy spot with a good window view.


While you never want to force attention on a cat, it is important to make Fluffy feel loved. If your kitty likes to snuggle, indulge her with lots of petting and cuddles. Otherwise, just talk to her gently, so she knows you’re paying attention to her.

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