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Black Dog And Cat Syndrome Awareness Month

February 15, 2023

February is Black Dog And Cat Syndrome Awareness Month? This isn’t the only observance on the calendar dedicated to black animals. There’s also Black Cat Appreciation Day (August 17th), National Black Cat Day (October 27th), Black Cat Fridays (Any Friday the 13th), and even Black Cat Appreciation Month (October). That’s all fine in our book: the more attention this issue gets, the better! A Brampton, ON vet discusses this issue below.

Black Cats

The old wives’ tails surrounding black cats go all the way back to medieval times, when Fluffy was unfairly associated with witches and witchcraft. While there is no truth to these rumors, they persist to this day. Unfortunately, those myths have some severe real-world consequences for kitties. Studies show that black cats take longer to get adopted than other kitties. Even worse: according to a study by the National Library of Medicine, black cats had the highest euthanasia rate (74.6%) and the lowest adoption rate (10.0%) of all the coat colors. They are also admitted to shelters more than any other kitty color, and can also take up as much as a third of the space in any given shelter.

Black Dogs

Black dogs suffer from many of the same misconceptions as cats. In ancient times, they were often seen as guardians of the underworld. The old stigma persists: black pups are often seen as aggressive, even today. Unfortunately, they are also overrepresented in shelters, which is one reason we’re happy to support this awareness month. However, not all the news is bad. After all, the Black Lab is one of the nation’s most popular pets. 

Reasons To Adopt A Black Pet

There are many benefits to having a black pet. For one thing, they’re always in style, and will match any outfit or décor. Plus, you can take really cute photos that only show your pet’s eyes. We never get tired of those fun ‘void kitty’ pictures. Another perk? Fido and Fluffy may actually bring good luck instead of bad. Black pets are considered fortunate in some parts of the world! Of course, the most important thing is the fact that you’ll be making a friend for life … and changing your furry friend’s life forever!

Our Advice on Black Dog And Cat Syndrome Awareness Month in 2024

What is Black Dog And Cat Syndrome Awareness Month?

Black Dog And Cat Syndrome Awareness Month, observed in February, is an initiative aimed at shedding light on the challenges black dogs and cats face in shelters. Due to persistent myths and color biases, these animals are often overlooked and remain in shelters longer than their lighter-colored counterparts. This month encourages potential adopters to look beyond fur color and consider adopting these often-overlooked pets. At our Brampton, Ontario clinic, we support this cause and encourage community members to consider giving a loving home to a black dog or cat.

Why do black cats have a harder time getting adopted?

Black cats face more significant challenges in getting adopted due to longstanding superstitions and myths that unjustly associate them with bad luck and witchcraft. These outdated beliefs persist, influencing potential adopters’ preferences for lighter-colored animals. Studies indicate black cats often remain in shelters longer and have higher euthanasia rates compared to their non-black counterparts. In Springdale, Ontario, we aim to raise awareness about this issue, encouraging adopters to look beyond fur color and consider the loving personality of each individual cat.

What misconceptions affect black dogs in particular?

Black dogs often face misconceptions rooted in ancient beliefs that label them as guardians of the underworld, leading to an unfounded perception of aggression. These outdated stigmas contribute to black dogs being more frequently overlooked in shelters despite their temperament being as varied and loving as dogs of any other color. We advocate for looking beyond fur color and recognizing the individual personality and qualities of each dog, aiming to dispel these myths and promote equal adoption opportunities for black dogs.

What are some unique benefits of adopting a black pet?

Adopting a black pet offers several unique advantages. Firstly, their sleek, timeless coat matches any home décor or outfit, providing an element of elegance. Additionally, black pets often stand out in photographs, especially when capturing their expressive eyes against their dark fur, leading to captivating ‘void kitty’ or ‘shadow pup’ images. In some cultures, black pets are considered symbols of good fortune. Most importantly, by choosing a black pet, you’re giving a loving home to an animal that may otherwise be overlooked, creating a bond that enriches both your lives.

How can adopting a black dog or cat positively impact their life and yours?

Adopting a black dog or cat positively transforms their life by providing them with a secure, loving home, significantly reducing their prolonged shelter stay and risk of euthanasia. For you, the adopter, it brings the joy and companionship of a loyal friend, regardless of color. These pets offer the same affection, playfulness, and loyalty as any other, with the added satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a difference. In Ontario, embracing a black pet can also challenge and change societal stigmas, promoting a more inclusive and compassionate community.

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