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8 Ways to Be a Better Dog Owner This Year

January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! Are you setting personal goals for 2021? If so, why not include your canine companion. Read on as a Brampton, ON vet lists some things you can do to be a better dog owner this year.

Offer Great Food

Dogs have very healthy appetites, to say the least. Actually, Fido will eat pretty much anything and everything. However, just because your pup wants your cheeseburger, doesn’t mean he should get it. Offer your pet high-quality, nourishing food. Your vet can give you specific tips on what to look for.

Finish Fido’s Training

Has your pup mastered simple commands, such as Sit, Stay, Heel, Come and Lay Down? If not, finish his training in 2021. Otherwise, move on to more complex commands, or show him some cute tricks.

Keep Up With Grooming

Your canine friend will look and feel better with proper beauty care. Ask your vet to recommend a schedule for brushing and bathing Fido. Dental care and nail trims are also important!

Veterinary Care

Proper veterinary care is absolutely crucial for your furry buddy’s health and well-being. Most pooches should come in at least once a year, though some need more frequent visits. Follow your vet’s recommended appointment schedule.

Do Some Research

You may think you know Fido pretty well, but you may be surprised at how much there still is to learn. Read more about Man’s Best Friend this year, or do some breed-specific research.

Make Time To Play

Fido is pretty adorable when he is hard at play. Playing benefits dogs physically, mentally, and emotionally. Keep your furry friend’s toybox full, and try to play with him every day.

Offer Sensible Treats

Fido will immediately perk up if he knows or suspects that it’s time for a treat. While there’s nothing wrong with giving him snacks, it’s important to stick with safe, suitable options. Lso, don’t go overboard. Treats should only make up about 5 percent of dogs’ daily caloric intake.

Puppy Love

Last but not least, spend quality time with Fido this year. Take him to parks or trails, and offer lots of belly rubs and ear scritches. Dogs form amazing bonds with people, but that friendship needs to be nurtured.

Please contact us, your local Brampton, ON veterinary clinic, anytime. We look forward to keeping your pet healthy in 2021 and beyond.