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And Meow, A Word On Senior Cats

August 15, 2023

Have you noticed your feline pal aging? Perhaps Fluffy isn’t as frisky or playful as she once was. Your furry friend will always be the adorable, purring ball of charisma as always, but her care needs do change as she enters her golden years. A local Brampton, ON vet discusses feline seniors in this article.  

At What Age Are Cats Considered Seniors?

There is a bit of debate on this one, as different sources provide different information: some estimates put that milestone at age seven. According to the American Association of Feline Practitioner, Fluffy reaches middle age at about age seven, at which point she’s roughly 44 in people years. Once your furry buddy is 11, she’s officially a kitty senior, and is ready to retire from her long career of napping and judging her humans, and enjoy a relaxing retirement of napping and judging humans. A 15-year-old furball is officially geriatric.

How Do I Pick Up A Senior Cat?

Kitties get stiff and sore as she ages, just as people do. Even being held or picked up can be difficult for your kitty. You’ll need to be very gentle when picking Fluffy up and putting her down. Be sure to support her so that her weight is on her bum or back legs. When your kitty wants to get down, set her down so that her paws are on the ground or, if you’re putting her on something, on that surface. If you have children, make sure they understand this as well.

What Should I Expect When Adopting A Senior Cat?

Older cats can actually make wonderful pets. Fluffy will be well past those playful zoomies, and will spend most of her time sleeping and sunbathing in her favorite spot. For the most part, senior cats have the same care needs as any other kitty: food, shelter, proper veterinary care, and, of course, lots of love. You’ll just want to make small adjustments, such as getting a senior-friendly litterbox and providing lots of napping spots that are easy for your pet to reach. Aside from that, you may find your furry pal is super lovable. 

What Senior Cat Food Is Best?

A good diet will play a huge role in your kitty’s health. However, Fluffy’s specific needs will depend on her overall health. A diabetic furball will likely need a different food than one with a thyroid issue. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Please contact us, your Brampton, ON animal clinic, for your senior cat’s care needs. We’re here to help!