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7 Things to Do With Your Dog in 2019

January 1, 2019

Happy New Year! Today, many people are focused on setting resolutions, and perhaps making predictions for the coming year. Why not incorporate Fido into your goals for the new year? Here, a Brampton, ON vet suggests some things to put on your 2019 agenda.

Go Somewhere New

Even if you have a fenced yard for your canine buddy to play in, he’ll still benefit from regular walks. It’s also great for Fido to get a change of scenery now and then. Take your pooch to a doggy park, or explore a new trail with him.


Dogs are super cute when they are feeling frisky and playful. Keep Fido’s toybox full, and take time to play with him regularly. Even a few minutes of playing Fetch or chasing a Frisbee will help keep your pup in shape, and help prevent the bored-doggy blues.

Enjoy A Special Snack

Treats are a great way to brighten up Fido’s day and get that cute tail going. Store-bought treats are fine. You can also give your canine pal some plain, cooked, boneless meat, fish, or poultry; shredded deli meat; or small amounts of bacon, sausage, or cheese. If you want to go all-out, you can also make some homemade doggy biscuits for Fido. Just stick to safe ingredients.

Learn Something New

Many dogs actually enjoy learning. If Fido already knows basic commands like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down, work on advanced training. Or, teach him some cute tricks. Classic doggy tricks like Roll Over or Play Dead will never stop being adorable!

Visit The Vet

Visiting us probably wouldn’t make Fido’s list of resolutions for 2019, but he’ll definitely feel much better with proper veterinary care. Most pooches should come in at least once a year, though you’ll want to ask your vet for specific advice.

Chill Time

Dogs keep us laughing, brighten our days with their cute antics, and provide us with unconditional love and loyalty. They’re also great just to hang out with! Enjoy some downtime with Fido while you binge-watch your favorite show.

Strike A Pose

Don’t forget to take some memorable shots of Fido! Or, get some great video footage of your canine buddy doing something adorable.

As your Brampton, ON vet clinic, we look forward to offering your pet great care in 2019 and beyond. Call us anytime!