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Taking Holiday Pet Pictures

December 15, 2022
Happy Holidays! At this time of year, we often get lots of adorable pictures of our patients. We’ve also gotten some candid shots of Fido and Fluffy. Dogs and cats are adorable and photogenic, but there are a few tricks to taking good pictures of them. A local Brampton, ON vet offers a few good ones in this article.

Choose The Right Spot

As the saying says, location, location, location! Try to find a spot where the background offers a contrast against your furry buddy’s coat. Solid walls can make a good backdrop, as can classic spots like Christmas trees, or in front of sofas or fireplaces. Make sure the area has good lighting!


We know, Fido and Fluffy look super cute wearing little reindeer antlers or elf outfits. Just be careful when dressing them. If your furry companion seems uneasy, don’t force the issue. Also, stick with things made specifically for pets: these will be both safer and more comfortable for your adorable model.

Grab Their Attention

Does your four-legged friend have a way of looking absolutely adorable … and then moving as soon as you grab your camera? You may want to try using apps made just for taking pet photos. These not only have great presets, some make silly noises that can help you capture Fido and Fluffy’s attention. Another option is to hold a squeak toy. Results may vary with that one, though; if your dog or cat actually goes for the toy, you may be back to square one!

Be Careful

Many holiday trappings are dangerous to our animal companions. That includes anything small or sharp, such as ornaments and tinsel; candles; ribbons and cords; lights; and even many plants. Keep an eye on your furry friend, and don’t leave them alone with props that could be dangerous. Ask your vet for more information.

Time It Right

You’ll have much better luck getting Fido and Fluffy to sit pretty if they’re feeling calm and relaxed. Walk and play with your four-legged buddy before the photo shoot starts. This will help them burn off those zoomies.


The right editing software can make all the difference. Experiment with filters and cropping. Don’t be shy about sharing, either. Pet photos can make ‘pawesome’ holiday cards! Happy Holidays from Dixie Road Pet Clinic! Please contact us, your local Brampton, ON animal clinic, anytime!
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