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Animal Pain Awareness

September 1, 2020
September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. This is a very important issue for people with pets. Dogs and cats may be great at communicating when they want dinner or cuddles, but they aren’t that easy to read when they don’t feel well. Therefore, it’s important to watch for warning signs. A Brampton, ON vet discusses animal pain in this article. Tummy Issues An occasional bout of vomiting or diarrhea may just mean your pet ate something that didn’t agree with them. However, frequent issues are another matter, and something that you definitely want to take seriously. Withdrawal Pets—even shy ones—usually like to spend time with their humans, even if it’s from across the room. If your furry pal is hiding a lot, and just doesn’t want to socialize, there could be something going on. Poor Grooming This one of course mostly applies to cats. Poor grooming is a life goal for some of our canine patients! Healthy kitties are very diligent about keeping their pretty fur clean. If your cat’s coat is looking unkempt or greasy, she may not be feeling well. Litterbox Woes This one, of course, also applies to kitties. If your furball has stopped using her litterbox, or is struggling to go, contact your vet immediately. Lack Of Appetite We know, cats can be finicky. However, even the pickiest furball should have some interest in her dinner. If Fluffy just doesn’t want to eat, she may be sick. This is even more of a red flag for dogs, as they will usually eat, well, just about anything. Mobility Issues Limping, strange posture, and stiff or erratic movements are all warning signs that pets are in pain. Dogs may have trouble getting in and out of the car, or getting up or down. Kitties may have a hard time jumping into their humans’ laps, or getting up to their favorite perches. Tips These are just a few signs that there may be something going on with your pet. Some other things to watch out for are unusual behavior or vocalizations, lack of interest in play, grumpiness, and lethargy. Call your vet right away if you notice any of these signs, or anything else out of the ordinary. The sooner an issue is caught and treated, the better! As your Brampton, ON vet clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great veterinary care. Call us anytime!
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